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Here is my lovely Question and Answer video for all of you curious folks out there. Feel free to leave me any questions, and thanks for watching, always.
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Q- switched laser treatment

Q switched laser treatment has come into practice recently. It is used to remove unwanted sun burns, spots, scars and tattoo. It is completely painless and scar free with

Zap Me Up! – Your Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you sick of obsessing about your unwanted tattoos in the mirror? Have you had enough of covering up with extra clothing, or holding back on certain job opportunities or relationships?

If you’ve been considering laser tattoo removal, this Guide is for you! The more informed you are about laser tattoo removal, the better your experience and your results will be. Put the odds on your side, and avoid physical pain, infection, scarring, and possibly thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs!

Author Tania Barbe has gone through the trial and error of laser tattoo removal, and has paid a dear price for it, both physically and financially. In this Guide, she gives you the short cuts…it’s up to you to decide if you want to take them.

Here are the topics and questions she addresses:
•Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?
•How does laser tattoo removal work exactly, and how will it interact with my skin?
•What effects will it have on my daily activities and responsibilities?
•What are the possible complications and side effects?
•How can I best avoid physical pain, infection, and scarring?
•How do I choose the right laser professional, and what specific search tools can I use to find a qualified professional in my area?
•What is the cost, frequency and number of sessions involved?
•What should I expect the day of my laser session?
•What should I expect as my skin will be healing over the following weeks?
•What are the best aftercare products I can use to make sure my skin heals properly?
•Can lasers be used to remove permanent makeup, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and traumatic tattoos?

This Guide also contains 2 bonus gifts!

Bonus #1: Questions list for consultation with laser professional
Download and print this Questions list and bring it with you to your laser tattoo removal consultation! This convenient one-page PDF gives you plenty of room to jot down answers and comments, and to write any additional questions you may have.

Bonus #2: Tania’s laser session video
Exclusive video on Tania’s laser tattoo removal session at the medical clinic, including an in-depth interview with her laser physician. You’ll learn what to expect the day of your laser treatment at the medical clinic, you’ll be walked through the local anesthesia beforehand, and you’ll get to see her actual laser tattoo removal treatment and the effects on the skin afterwards.

Laser tattoo removal is a serious medical procedure, and should not be taken lightly. Knowledge is key!

Get started today, and start feeling like yourself again!

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Thirio Tattoo Removal full black

with Lutronic Spectra xt
Ermou 106 Monastiraki Athens Greece
tel: 2155404470 / 6995100040

New Tattoo Removal Procedure

JINBAOFANG Plasma Pen Dot Mole Removal Professional Portable for Skin Tag,Nevus,Freckles,Dark Spot,Birth Mark,Skin Pigmentation, Age Spots,Tattoo

Attention: Please clean the needle with alcohol before you use it and after you finished. Package Includes: 1 x Spot Removal Pen 1 x Big Needles 1 x USB Line 5 x Small Needles 1 x Manual How To Use: 1. Power Button(On/Off): Long press the button for 3 seconds to turn on which shows the power and gear position(default 1st), the red power is for default. If no operation for 30 seconds, the screen will be off. Short press (On/Off) key to toggle output power pre one cell represents a file, quickly press twice (green on behalf of the power). 2. Working Key(Out): Press out key to start working, the pen indicate normal operation, release to stop working. 3. Protection: Long press(Out) button for 2 minutes to stop the output device, if need to continue to work, lease the key and press it again. 4. Display and Charge Description: the three green light that the battery power is 100%, the second light is 75%, the first light is 50%, the last green light flashing is 25%, when the 5V Charging access device automatically shut down, green light is full when the charge is complete. Tips: 1. As the device can produce high temperature effects in an instant when not in use please avoid children to play. 2. 30 days, it is best not to use too much wash the affected area.(the simple care on line)can not scrub, can not artificially make the crust off. 3. when itchy scab at the time( meat tenderizer anagen) do not use the clutch in addition, the right to be 20-30 days, scab off on their own. 4. The recovery period is 3-6 month do not eat ginger (after restoring skin is not so flat) beef (will faint red) sauce (there will be a touch if black ) during the recovery period.

Product Features

  • SAFE COMFORTABLE: fast to remove the freckle, age spot and flat moles without any side effects,can be achieved quickly safe and side effects of l cosmetic results
  • RELIABLE AND CONVENIENT: It has 3 adjustable scan spot power output for 3 kinds of intensity different treatment, lower level is used on spot and freckle,strong level is used on mole and skin tags,which is useful
  • UNIQUE ELECTRIC ION TECHNOLOGY: this spot removal pen adopts using high-tech, electric ion carbonation functions makes it remove spots without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding and little pain
  • EASY CARRY: Directly charge by USB line, easy carry and easy operate.Can be used at home or beauty salon .
  • Brand JINBAOFANG® Warranty Policy-120 days money return guarantee.Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.There are any questions Please feel free to contact us, we will help you resolve the problem as soon as possible

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Tattoo removal transformation: a fathers road to a better life for his children

In part 2 of our special report, WMTW’s Katie Thompson delves deeper into one Lewiston man’s commitment to remove the scars of his past and reconnect with the ones he loves.
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Tattoo Removal Goes WRONG! & Finished Tattoo

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Facial Tattoo Removal

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