Portable Dark Spot Removal Professional Tattoo Removel Tool for Skin Tag Freckles Dark Spot Skin Pigmentation with Replaceable Needles, Adjustable 9-Levels, UV Spotlight

Portable Dark Spot Removal Professional Tattoo Removel Tool for Skin Tag Freckles Dark Spot Skin Pigmentation with Replaceable Needles, Adjustable 9-Levels, UV Spotlight comes in original box only (as on photo).
Effectively and instantly without hurt and bleeding. Easy and Safe to use. With this beauty device, you will improve your skin and change your life! 

How to use: 
1.Power On/Off: Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the device; then press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off it.No operation for 10 mins, the device will be off automatically. 
2.Spotlight: Double click the power button to turn on /off the spotlight 
3.Setting level: Click the power button to choose the level from 1 to 9 
4.Working: Press the working button “OUT” for operation, and release it for stopping working 

Kindly Remind : 
Note to test on your arms (or a fruit) for the first user. 
1. Our product will cause mild pain. if you are afraid of pain,please combine with numbing cream.It will reduce the pain. 
2. It is best to use the healing cream to help the scar disappear faster, If necessary. 
3.Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before use. 

Note: Please read the precautions of Instructions carefully. 
Package Includes: 
1x high quality remover pen comes in original box only (as on photo).
1x USB Cable 
2 x Corase Needles 
2 x Needle Holder
30x Fine Replacement Needles 

Product Features

  • ☑️ EASY, SAFE, AND COMFORTABLE TO USE: You’ll be able to pick it up and instantly start removing almost any skin tag, wart, freckle, dark spot, pigmentation, nevus, andmore. Watch as you quickly shed unsightly blemishes to reveal smooth, soft, and even skin. Dark Spot Removal comes in original box only (as on photo).
  • ☑️ ADOPTED MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL: Which is safe, fast and convenient, stainless steel spot pen is non-toxic, hygienic, uneasy to rust for a secure use
  • ☑️ SAVE TIME AND MONEY; PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Why spend thousands of dollars and hours of your time at a dermatologist when you can achieve the same results from the comfort of your home. Just make sure to follow the simple instructions (included) by holding down the OUT button on the device and lightly tapping over your target area
  • ☑️ LCD DISPLAY: Shows how much power it is and the levels of gear, which is very clear to read either of them
  • ☑️ GUARANTEE: 100% money back guarantee

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50% TCA (1 oz) Tattoo removal, Skin Tags, Warts, Age Spots, Freckles(30ml) by RePare Skincare

Your skin naturally sheds it’s outer layer on a regular basis, this process slows with age. Chemical peels are powerful tools used by Dermatologists and Skin Spa Estheticians to resurface and rejuvenate their clients skin for INSTANT RESULTS! TCA is a modified synthetic chemical based on common vinegar or acetic acid. They are much more potent exfoliators than Alpha Hydroxyl (AHA) peels. Our TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Peels are additive free and ACS certified which designates a high quality chemical that meets the strict specifications of the American Chemical Society. (Testing for Purity and Identity of Ingredients). There is some down time associated with TCA peels, 3-10 days. However, the results are usually well worth the wait! While your healing after the peel your skin will reveal a new youthful complexion as it continues to stimulate more Collagen and Elastin plumping up the the fine lines and wrinkles over time. Realize our skin didn’t get like this overnight so it may take a few peel applications to get the results each individual may be looking to achieve. The most common percentages for a TCA Facial skin peel are between (8-25%). Stronger concentrations are commonly used to remove, moles, warts, skin tags and tattoo’s (50-100%), protecting the skin surrounding those areas with Vaseline.
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Product Features

  • TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), ACS – Tested for strict Purity by the American Chemical Society
  • Dramatically Reverse the Signs of Aging – The Most Powerful Exfoliator – Medium Chemical Peel – unbuffered, lower pH for better and deeper peel – Higher Concentrations maybe diluted in Distilled Water
  • Most Common Percentages for Facial Skin Peel are between (8-35%). The stronger concentrations are commonly used to remove, moles, warts, skin tags and tattoo’s
  • INCLUDED with 50% TCA Peel: 2 Alcohol Prep Pads, Gloves, Cotton Pads & Instructions

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Freckle Removal Machine, Professional Light Picosecond Scar Tattoo Removal Pen Melanin Diluting Beauty Device

1. Short pulse width, hardly produce light and heat effect, without harm to skin tissue.
2. Powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly so as to improve skin condition.
3. More accurate treatment, no damage to the skin, no scars leaving.

Item Type: Picosecond Pen
Material: ABS, Electronic Component
Color: As Picture Shows
LED Light Color: Red
Plug Type: US
Input: 110-240V 50/60HZ
Output: 12V/1.5A 
Energy Intensity: 4 Gears
Red Light Level: 3 Gears
Light Emission Times: 2000000 Rounds
Size: Approx. 21.5 x 16 x 4.6cm / 8.5 x 6.3 x 1.8inch
Package Weight: Approx. 449g

Operation Method:
General usage and precautions:
1. Plug in the power, and the machine is energized, and the digital tube displays.
2. Press the frequency mode select button to select the frequency, then set the output energy size.
3. After setting, press the light emission switch to output energy.
4. During operation, wear protective glasses.
5. keep the machine clean and avoid contact with other contaminants.
6. No unauthorized operation of the hand.
7. After use, please keep it properly after cleaning.

Red Light Picosecond:
After the normal display of the digital tube, press the frequency button, the current selection has three frequency modes, 1.2.3 light mode, through the energy increase button to adjust the size, press the switch after the setting, the machine will run out of light and operate out after that, the machine can be turned off.

Package Included:
1 x Picosecond Pen
1 x Protective Eyeglass
1 x US Plug
2 x Repairment Patches
1 x Skin Repair Essence
1 x English Manual

Product Features

  • BREAKS UP DARK PIGMENT: The picosecond pen can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits, comprehensive reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way give off a healthy glow
  • PROFESSIONAL SAFE REMOVAL PEN: Without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding and little pain.high-tech and electric ion carbonation functions, turning the voltage instantaneous discharge into elecric ion heat for cabonizing
  • MORE FASTER: Wide customer application range, powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly. Fewer treatment times, better treatment effects
  • MORE SAFE TO APPLY: Its pulse width is short, it hardly produces light and heat effect. Long-term use will ensure more obvious effect, it’s more durable and safe
  • PROMISE: Shop from us, and quality is guarantee, we offer you one year warranty, within 6 months with no effect, 100% refund

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Cosco Pure Liquid Green Soap Stencil Tattoo Transfer Medical Prep Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce

COSCO Pure Green Soap 8 fl ozCOSCO Green Soap is the most trusted sanitation product in the tattoo industry today. Used to prep skin pre-tattoo, for stencil application, and even post-tattoo cleansing, Green Soap should be found in any professional Tattoo shop. Green soap is made with natural vegetable oils, lavender, is biodegradable, and environmentally safe and made in the USA.

Product Features

  • Effective detergent/cleaner for removal of dried blood and protein soils from skin and scalp
  • Effective for cleaning surgical instruments and surgical apparatus before sterilization
  • Tincture of green soap
  • 8oz bottle

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